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Accidents are unexpected and unintentional mishaps which often times result to damage or injury. According to Arizona Department of Transportation, there are over 40,000 car accidents in Phoenix in 2016 making Phoenix the city with the most number of car crashes or accidents. These accidents resulted in number of physical injuries and property damages and in these cases, it is important to know the next step in dealing with the traumatic incident.

In Arizona, if you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit, you must be able to prove that the other driver was responsible for the accident which caused your injury, but there are also cases where the law grants reduction of the final amount which should be paid for the injuries or damages. This is also known as “shared” or comparative fault statutes. This happens when you have a part in the accident as well, even just going a little over the allowed speed limit could be a factor in determining the liabilities. At this time, legal advice is what you need. It is important to know what step you should be undertaking, what you should and should not do, or even just to know if it’s worth the trouble of going through the process.

In seeking legal advice, you must be able to give the details of the accident you were involved in like when where the accident took place, police report which is obtained at the time of the actual accident, medical report which is important in determining the treatment necessary and must be obtained right after the accident. Also, witnesses could make a different in your case, if they support your statement which would then determine your liability.

Sitting behind the wheel is not just a thing to do every day but a responsibility that you need to remind yourself every minute you are driving but accidents do happen and when they do, you should know that you should go to credible and experienced lawyers to explain the law for you.

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