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There are roughly 35,000 motor vehicle traffic deaths every year 

An estimated 2.44 million people were injured in motor vehicle crashes last year

Speeding was a contributing factor in 31 percent of all fatal crashes

Your chances of dying in a car or traffic accident are one in 5,000

Driving under the influence is the third leading cause of vehicle crashes in the U.S.

Distracted drivers are the top cause of car accidents in the U.S. today 

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Wrongful Death Auto Accidents

Death is just an awful word, so much more so when someone in the family or someone you know is affected. Whether we like it or not, accidents do happen and sometimes, these accidents cause the lives of someone dear to us. They aren’t alive to pursue any legal actions and that is the reason why no matter how tormented we are at this tragic time, we need to be strong and fight for the rights of the ones who have passed.

There are people who will be there for you in this time of grief to support you, help you clear your head and make decisions during this confusing time. The damages that occurred during the accident will be awarded to the wife or husband, parents, children, or estate. The family can file a case against the other driver for the loss of companionship, loss of services, loss of income, etc. The settlement or claim is normally shared by each members of the family and the amount is then decided upon by, the family, or by a judge. It is important that you have an attorney by your side to get you through this process to make you get back up and go on with life as normally as possible.

Safety should always be on top of our priority when driving as a simple mistake or carelessness can cause a life and that’s something that could never really be compensated.

Know Your Rights

Being involved in a wrongful death auto accident or any personal injury accident is already a lot to handle not just physically but emotionally. When multiple cars collide and there is a death involved, there is a lot for everyone to figure out before blame can be ascertained. When an accident occurs, many people get involved and it’s a good idea to get representation as soon as possible after receiving medical treatment. Know your rights as a Phoenix citizen and don’t get taken advantage of. Our lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in cases involving wrongful death accidents. Phoenix Car Accident Attorneys will help give you peace of mind during this difficult healing process for you.

However, it is important to act fast. As time passes, details get hazy, evidence is lost, and the statute of limitations to be compensated ends. Give us a call now or fill out the form above for a FREE legal consultation.

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